In order to enter in Rumania it is necessary or a valid passport or a valid identity card for the expatriation.


Local currency is the LEU. In order to acquire local currency the accepted currency best is the EURO or the U.S. Dollars. Who wishes to change it kindly asked to addresses our agency, Your Companion will advice you about the proceeding.

We advise you not to exchange with unknown persons. The exchange should be done either at the exchange office or the hotel.


Consider that the latitude is that one of the Pad plain, for which in base of the month of traveling, adapt accordingly.

Do not forget the polarized glasses, a hat, a repellent cream for the mosquitos AUTAN present in the months of June and July, solar Cream protection 4/5.


You have to take into account that the zones where you will fish are enough isolated, therefore take with you all necessary equipment for one week of staying.

In the Delta of the Danube, there is a small shop but for emergency use. In all the other destinations, to some kilometers there is a city with stores nearly always equipped for the necessities of the natives.

At your request, with an adequate advance, our company puts at your disposal ALL the equipment you wish.


Excluded rare pathologies, in Rumania there are nearly all the medicines, however you are advised to bring with you all those medicines of a continuous use, those for rare pathologies also.


Daily flights to Bucharest from all main cities in Europe.

Last update 3 September 2009