Dear friend,

After 11 years of fishing activity in Romania, we can say to have acquired a large and complete experience. Supported also by the fact the in the last years with the privatization of Torrent, Lakes and Rivers. Comprised also the Delta of the Danube. The controls and the continuous surveillance of the owners, have created exceptional zones for fishing. Therefore, we can offer to you very well organized zones, rich of fish, and, with the newest and best lodge for you. Completed, also with our House-Boat Always to Your disposition.
All our further listed zones are private and organized by us, and rich of fish:

In Mountain: Gurghiu river. Lake of Vidra.

In Plain Lakes: Sarulesti and Babadag.

The Danube river: from the Bulgarian Border to Cernavoda.
The Delta of the Danube: Chilia arm, last 70 km. until the Black Sea with controlled fishing,richest of fish.

Islands of Babina to Cernovka also on long arm Chilia along the border with Ucraine. Completely renewed for fishing the Luccio "no kill".

In all these zones the lodging is optimal with optimal foods and irreproachable services. Our equipment have been improved and integrated, all the transports made also on water are carried out with our motor vehicles, 5 Toyota LAND CRUISE,1 new microbus with 8 places with air conditioning, 10 fishing boats, 8 with Mercury motor of 15HP and two with Mercury motor of 5 HP. A motorboat with 8 places for the long transfers with 2 Mercury motors of 90 HP. And 4 companions multilanguage, with great experience, best connoisseurs of the fishing secrets.

On our site you will be able to have the details of every type fishing organized by us.

We wait for you in Romania.

A beloved Salute to All.
Alessandro Bencini

Last update 21 September 2009