The HUNTER COMPANY was founded in March 1991, with the purpose of hunting in Romania; in 1997 it became a travel agency, organizing tourism, travel, hunting & fishing programs, having obtained the license of 'tour operator' from thefrom the Romanian Ministry of Tourism.

In these 13 years in Romania, we have grown and have acquired a matchless experience with the land and all the possible types of hunting. Our director, Mr. Alessandro Bencini, is for sure one of the best qualified auffitters in Europe. He has personally directed all the possible types of hunting on the Romanian territory, from the small animal hunting like geese, ducks, godwits, to the great trophies of bear, stag, wild boar, chamois, deer, so there cannot be a more experienced guide; we mention also his hunting experience in Africa, America, Asia and of course in all Europe.

The HUNTER COMPANY has got a significant stock of motor vehicles and equipment; 12 boats equipped with the newest outboard four-stroke YAMAHA engine, used to hunt ducks and to fish during summer; six cross-country TOYOTA vehicles, 3 special MERCEDES UNIMOG cross-country motor vehicles; a MERCEDES SPRINTER microbus, for your calm and safe transportation; stuffed birds, baits and excellent hunting dogs.
Therefore we are looking forward to meeting you in Romania, for a very special hunting holiday.

You will live with us through unique and unforgettable moments, enjoying a high quality service that this country can offer.

Last update 6 March 2014