from 10 August to 30 March
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For this season also, we have the pleasure to present to you our hunting ducks and geese
programme in the Delta of Danube. This year the programme will be enriched in an extensive
measure by our new HOUSE BOATS. Our Hotel 4 stars ULTIMA FRONTIERA Indeed, this season will be ready for hunting having the
accommodation directly in the hunting area, on the board of the new boats.
In this way we will have at our disposal all the resources available in the Delta. We will hunt
from our special boats in the best places of the Delta.
The new HOUSE BOAT allow us to have always the hotel at short distance from the hunting
areas, without the problems generated by large distances or bad weather or other similar.
Our services are of the same high level as in the past years, kitchen of high quality and the
complete availability of our equipment in the middle of the wild Delta. The programme is valid
for the FALL and for the SPRING as well. And includes everything, single room, the game etc….
For a hunter minimum 4. max 6 –
3 hunting days 4 nights                                                             Euro 2050
Guest non hunter per night                                                        Euro  150
Supplement for groups les that 4 Hunters:
Groups of 3 hunters Supplement                                                 Euro 150 per person.
Groups of 2 hunters Supplement                                                 Euro 300 per person.
One person                                                                              Euro 600.

-Assistance at the airport arrival and departure. All the transfers inRomania 
                                                                                                                                   - Complete board and lodging from dinner of the arrival day till breakfast of thedeparture day. 
- Dummy birds, motorboats and boatman (a boat for every 2 persons, special
  requestsavailable)                                                                                                                             - License to hunt in the reservation Biosphere of Danube Delta                                            – Preparation and conservation of the game                                                                      – Certificate of origin
-All the game is exported without limits regarding the ducks and the geese.                                                                                                                         - FREE USEOF OUR AUTOMATIC SHOTGUNS

-Beverages and tips
-Extra personals.
-Sporting cartridges gr. 35 Euro. O,50 pz.
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