from 15 September to 31 March
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On our mountains you can find the highest concentration of carnivores in Europe. In spite of the high concentration, this game isn’t easy. Those hunting in the Carpathians Mountains for other types of game, such as stags, roebucks, roe deer or chamois, have accidental encountered one wolf or one lynx. We have observatories where we continuously place animals to lure the carnivores to control and select the population of the wolves, lynxes and foxes etc. The cold periods of January, February and March during full moon, the possibilities of meeting them are acceptable. There is still no guarantee of an encounter, our hunts guarantee the
organization of the attractions and continuous observations during your reservation.
The hunting therefore needs at least 5 nights for the aspect; the program will be of 7 stay days with 5 days of hunting and 6 nights. Winter apparel is recommended, during January and February. The hunt is set up for 2 hunters maximum.

Hunting costs are:

1 hunter for 7 days of which 5 are hunting                  Euro 2550
2 hunters for 7 days of which 5 are hunting                 Euro 1950

Non-hunting tourist/night                                          Euro 150

Lynx trophy, skull and skin                                    Euro 1100
Wolf trophy, skull and skin                                    Euro 650


  • Airport assistance, arrival and departure
  • All transportation in Romania
  • Eventual sleighs or cars
  • Full board and lodging, starting with dinner
  • The arrival day and ending with breakfast the departure day.
  • Double room accommodation or single (if available)
  • The organizing of the hunt
  • Hunting license
  • Guide interpreter and professional hunter throughout the period
  • First preparation of the skin
  • CITES certificates for the export


  • The flight to and from Romania
  • Governament tax for days hunting Euro. 100.
  • Drinks and tips
  • Other personal expenses
  • Shipper and export taxes of the trophy
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