from 15 September to 31 December
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In the big oak forests of the Romania plains, great conditions have been created for fallow deer’s. In the hills surrounding the Carpathian Mountains the deer have invaded the areas of the stags. In the presidential reservations around Bucharest fallow deer are found in the South of Romania and make for good trophies. Good moufflon trophies are also found in the same reservations; therefore whoever is interested may hunt two different trophies in the same period. In November and December hunting is performed by search with wagon or sleigh; this occurs during the bellowing season.
Accommodation is provided in hunting houses or hotel in the hunting areas. Our program begins the day you arrive, continues throughout the 4 days of hunting and finishes the day you leave.

Hunting costs are:
Grup 3 hunters with a guide 3 days hunting 4 nigth        Euro  950
Days supplementary                                                    Euro 300

Non-hunting tourist/night                                            Euro 150

Supplement for groups less that 3 Hunters:
Group of 2 Hunters Supplement                              Euro. 200 per person.
One hunter                                                              Euro. 500.


  • Airport assistance, arrival and departure
  • All transportation in Romania
  • A 4WD car, sleigh or wagon for every 3 hunters
  • Full board and lodging starting with the dinner
  • the arrival day and ending with breakfast the departure day
  • Single room accommodation, if available
  • First preparation of the trophies


  • The flight to and from Romania
  • Drinks and tips
  • Other personal expenses
  • The hunted Tropy
  • For organization Euro 50 day
  • Additional car 4x4 Euro. 150 days.


Fallow deer trophy without point limit (one trophy only) 990 Euro
Hunting selected fallow deer female   50 Euro


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