Dear friend,

It’s been 19 years since the fall of the communist regime and the reopening of hunting in Romania. Moreover, in 2007 Romania was admitted to the European Community.

We have been here from the very first season and the passing years have seen us laying the foundation of modern hunting parties. We have contracted local multilingual professionals in order to offer you the best in hunting, the richest game preserve in Romania (from skylarks to bears) and the largest hunting territory – from the West (Timisoara) to the East (the Danube Delta) and from the North (Satu Mare) to the South (Calarasi).

They have been years of intense work, heartfelt passion and success, but they have also seen much sacrifice. All this has been witnessed by the many hunters who have approached us all along this period, some of them many times during the same year.

A few years from now, hunting in Romania will grow due to the privatization of hunting lands. We are going to be involved in this new reality as protagonists, bringing in our expertise and our tools, joining the managers and lessees of the new “hunting estates” and inviting you to spend unforgettable, top-level hunting days, as you always have.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Romania and moving on in this exciting experience together with our new friends.



Last update 12 July 2015